Sunday, May 10, 2020

Baseball Confusion

Happy belated Birthday to my brother-in-law! He's several time zones to the east so that means... it's definitely after his birthday.
I had this comic in the works for a while but I had just written down 'bat who plays baseball' and I could not remember the thought that caused that or why I had written it down so briefly. I had to look up what rye looks like, as that's not a normal thing I encounter. Also, I forgot to draw who's up to bat. It's a very skeletal crew. Haha, I should incorporate that somehow but drawing a stick figure skeleton does not sound simple.

Announcer 1: The bat is pitching, the rye is catching, and the pitcher is on 2nd.
Announcer 2: This game is so confusing.
*Bat (animal) is pitching, a stalk of rye is catching, and a pitcher of Kool-aid is on 2nd*

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