Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Welcome Hybrid Students


This is what I think of when I see the school signs

In Maryland, public schools opened in March in hybrid mode. I saw a school sign that was welcoming hybrid students, and this is what came into my mind. Wings, tails, antlers, satyr, thought about adding a mermaid after the fact but with this already drawn up, decided to just leave it with the selection I had. Thought about mixing in some non-hybrid children, but they aren't getting the welcome here so that wasn't needed. Could have tried to make a minotaur, but that would have been difficult.

The meaning of 'hybrid students' is that the kids have some school days in the school building and other school days are learn from home. Distance learning? Whatever the term is. 

Teacher: Welcome, hybrid students!
Students: one has wings, next has a tail, next has antlers, and the last one is a satyr with little horns and goat legs.

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