Thursday, April 8, 2021

Never Fully Dressed Without A

Little Orphan Annie singing "You're never fully dressed without a -" "MASK!" yelled by Doctor Fauci, waving many masks around

 I'm sure someone else has done this already but I don't recall what got this song in my head then I just needed to get it comic'd out. Yes, that is Little Orphan Annie from the musical, "Little Orphan Annie." It has been a while since I watched it, I think the last time was a live performance by a high school group but it was several years ago. We had the Carol Burnett version on VHS growing up so that's the one I'm most familiar with. It would be rather different if Annie was adopted by Fauci, I feel like there's a pandemic variant (haha, maybe not the best wording) that could be made with that idea. 

I thought about drawing cute designs on the masks but that was quickly determined to be too tedious. 

Annie is singing without a mask, I feel like the comic needs a disclaimer like commercials have about 'closed course' or 'filmed responsibly' or whatever they're saying now. 

Annie: (singing) You're never fully dressed without a -
Dr. Fauci: MASK!!! *with two handfuls of masks, wearing two masks and a face shield*

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