Thursday, December 30, 2021

Kneecap of the Woods

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Who decided the woods have a neck? Fascinating! "The word neck, in this case, refers to a narrow area of land, woods, or pasture and is an American term dating from the 1700s." So it's not like someone drew a person outline over a map and the desired location happened to line up with the neck. I figured it was something like that, hence this comic. Learn something new every day!

Explanation: I thought with the phrase "neck of the woods" one could replace "neck" with any other body part. I was wrong, but I highly doubt most people know the 1700's definition of "neck" so I think we could still make this catch on - say you're from the kneecap or shoulder blade of the woods when people ask where the  New Years Eve party is. 

M: Is that in your neck of the woods?
P: No, the kneecap.

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