Sunday, April 24, 2022

Nervous Tick


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Not sure why I made the butterfly monochromatic, but she is what she is. Also, I just learned that the nervous issue is a "tic" not a "tick." AND I just learned that ticks are arachnids, so we're just gonna say that Frank has eight legs, but two of them are hiding behind the six visible legs. Whoops. Also, yet another reason to dislike ticks. DID YOU KNOW that opossums eat loads of ticks and are impervious to Lyme's Disease? That's like, the one good thing about them. (I don't like them - too many scares when taking out the trash at night and seeing those beady eyes staring at me from the darkness.)

Ladybug: Why is Frank freaking out?
Butterfly: Oh, he's just a nervous tick.

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