Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Wild Goose vs Moose

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Geese (especially wild) are quite vicious - I have been scared by them sticking their wings out and hissing while charging at me when I just wanted to check out a local pond for turtles or tadpoles. But I have to say, though I have never met a wild moose, I hear they are quite worse. I am not sure how I would react but probably the same as with a wild goose, which is to say by putting maximum distance between me and the wild critter. I feel like the saying "wild goose chase" is implying that you are chasing the goose, while "wild moose chase" gives the feeling that the moose is chasing you. Maybe it can be a thing - try using it whenever the conversation lends itself to it. For example, "It's been a wild goose chase, trying to find enough people to join my committee" vs "It's been a wild moose chase, trying to avoid getting pressured into joining a committee." 

A: I mean, what is worse than a wild goose chase?
B: A wild moose chase.
A: True.

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