Sunday, September 10, 2023

Cerulean Dion

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Ever since making this comic, I cannot think of Ms. Dion's first name correctly (it's CĂ©line). 

We kept the genders of our children a secret before they were born and it was interesting to see how adamant people were that we were having a boy or girl when they had absolutely nothing to go on other than their feelings. Also, there was a time I dressed my daughter in a blue floral dress (with a flower hat) and I had someone say they couldn't tell if she was a boy or girl because the blue. That was a confusing conversation. And in case you're wondering, the shade of blue that is a girl's name is Alice Blue

B: Blue is a boy color!
R: Because clearly there isn't a girl name that's literally a shade of blue.
B: ... What?
R: You know, the famous singer - Cerulean Dion!

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