Thursday, October 19, 2023

Bluey Card

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The show "Bluey" is a pretty good kids show, with competent parents and good lessons learned and each episode is like 7 minutes so you aren't locked in for half an hour or whatever. Robin really likes the show and she doesn't understand that "bingo" is more than just a cartoon dog's name. Also she says "watch" when she wants to watch a show. 

Explanation: On the children's show "Bluey" there are the main characters Bluey and her sister Bingo. The phrase "that's not on my bingo card" means that something unexpected and/or surprising has happened. I'm not sure what would be on your Bluey Card - maybe "silly games" since they do those nearly every episode. 

M: I didn't have that on my bingo card.
L: Did you have it on your Bluey card?

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