Sunday, January 21, 2024

Toddler Communication

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Many times I (and others) can't understand what my darling toddler is saying. Sometimes, like in this comic, she is helpful and gives context clues and additional noises to help make the connection. But most times she just says the same sounds and I'm like, I haven't a clue what "eesh" means so can you point or give a few more clues? It's like playing Mad Gab with someone who just says the words the same exact way over and over and gets frustrated when you don't get it. 

I just remembered that Robin started off calling dogs "woof woofs" because that's easier than the real word, and later progressed to calling them "goggies," so when her friend couldn't understand her newer word she just fell back on her previous one. Hmmmm. Or maybe she just did the sound. It's hard to really know. But the interaction was quite funny because her friend has excellent diction in three languages but apparently doesn't understand toddler English, which is all Robin has. 

R: Goggy!
N: What is a goggy?
R: ... woof woof. 

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