Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Thank and Excuse

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I had my second ever successful jury summons recently and I wrote about it on my other blog, Not So Comical - http://notsocomical.comicaltruestory.com/2024/02/jury-duty.html 

I support the trial by a jury of your peers system, but I don't want to go through the process any more than I have to. I just find it interesting that I was called once right when I turned 18 but I was away at college so I got excused, then nothing for over a decade, then basically back-to-back summons in the sense that I was summoned three years after getting my first successful summons, so right after I got put back in the pool. I know it's not really back-to-back - my sister had that when somehow she was summoned three times in one calendar year - but it feels like it. Also I wonder if now I'm gonna get summoned every three years - somehow they just didn't notice me when I moved to my current state about 15 years ago? But my husband has lived here all his life and has never been successfully summoned (he has been called up twice but was excused or not needed). So it's odd how some people are summoned more frequently than others. 

Explanation: When selecting a jury, either side of the court case can excuse a potential juror with the phrase (at least this is the phrase they used in my recent summons) "please thank and excuse juror #" and I just think that's a great way to dismiss someone's opinion. 

A: I love jury duty - I think we should get back on the list every year, not every three years!
B: Please thank and excuse your opinion.

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