Thursday, May 9, 2024

Ranking Hospitals

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Happy Birthday to my Brother-in-Law! He's about a year older than me and a few years ago he had appendicitis so ever since I've been wary that my appendix could expire at any time. He probably went to the local General Hospital. There's a road near me named Columbia Gateway but it's abbreviated on signs to Col. Gateway and that makes me think either Colonel Gateway or shorten it further to Col. Gate. like the toothpaste. Also for this comic I was thinking what other ranks could be funny hospitals and realized Private Hospital is a thing.

Explanation: General Hospitals are a thing, they aren't specialist. But also General is a military ranking like Colonel. But I'm pretty sure military hospitals don't rank like that.  

A: Are they at the Windsor General Hospital?
B: No, the Windsor Colonel Hospital.

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