Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cool Update!

So, I just have to post that I reached a milestone - I filled up my fourth sketch book!
That's really cool but I didn't realize this early enough, so I'm waiting for Amazon to bring more sketchbooks.

Another milestone - I got a domain! You can still reach my page the normal way, but you'll notice a redirect because we are now Woohoo! I will eat some Girl Scout cookies in celebration.

Coffee vs Tea: Dino Edition

Sadly their arms are too short to allow them to drink their beverages.

Ghost Pepper

PSA: ghost peppers are not just chili peppers under a sheet.


Thought of having him go all Jack Sparrow in the second panel, but I'm not sure if I'm talented enough to draw that.

Out of the Loop

Throwback to last month when those two llamas were causing drama and nobody cared because there was this dress with colors that caused controversy.