Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dirty Kids

 Terra is the Latin word for earth or ground, Adam means ground or earth per the Hebrew word 'adamah', and Clay is a well-known type of dirt, commonly used to make pottery. But all are also people names! And kids are quite expensive I hear. And also quite dirty - have you worked with children? Everything is sticky and you don't want to know why. And what does dirt poor even mean? Apparently rich people had real flooring but poor people had dirt floors, per this site with tons of phrases. I might find some new comic material in there. 

But seriously kids are rewarding and worth it I hear so don't be discouraged by my comic, it is meant to be funny. Having nieces and nephews is pretty fun too. 

A: Kids are so expensive - they'll make you dirt poor!
B: Have you met my kids? They're over there - Terra, Adam, and Clay. 

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