Sunday, August 9, 2020

Weigh Anchor

I have had this comic around a while so I don't recall the origin, but I feel it was a sermon where the speaker mentioned something nautical off-hand and this comic happened. Which weighs more, fifty kilograms or half a ton? I would have to look it up. Oh, about 900 kilograms in a US ton. So those two estimates in the comic are quite different. The more you know.... 
I feel like I looked this up way back when I wrote the comic and tried to make them similar but failed. Maybe I meant to write 500 kilograms vs half a ton - that would be much closer than 50 kilograms vs half a ton. 

C: It's time to go. Weigh anchor!
F: I'd say it's about 50 kilograms.
S: No way, it's gotta be like half a ton. 

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