Thursday, December 24, 2020

Mary Knew


Yes! Angelic message, Messianic prophecies

Merry Christmas Eve!

One of my friends on Facebook posted basically along the same lines, that yes she knew. She didn't know all the intricate details, but she wasn't going into this blind. The song being referenced is "Mary, Did You Know?" which asks that question many times. Also, new to me, someone re-wrote the lyrics borrowing phrases from the Magnificat to show that she did know, and I kinda like it. I get that the original song has its charm, but it does kinda paint Mary in a clueless light. She couldn't know everything that would happen, but she did know quite a bit. 

A: *singing* Mary, did you know -
M: YES! An angel literally appeared and told me! Also, I know my Messianic prophesies.

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