Thursday, December 17, 2020

Jingle Bell Rock

It's a classic Christmas song

Sometimes coming up with holiday themed comics is hard. Sometimes it's because I came up with them then put them in my holiday folder and didn't think to look there until after the holiday. Thankfully I didn't file this one away, so that's good. Hey I should check that folder and whaaaat I found some Christmas comics.
Wasn't sure the best way to draw a rock but it turned out more like a lump of coal and that's Christmas themed so that's good?

AAHAHHHHHHH Christmas is in a week and that is super close and I need to finish my crochet projects. And wrap them up. And probably make cookies. 

The song is Jingle Bell Rock, which is all about the secular side of Christmas and not the actual reason for the season. 

Text: The classic Christmas song
Image: Three jingle bells and a rock

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