Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Team Names: Beta


Beta, Marlin, Goldfish

Another list of team names! To explain, "beta" is used in tech to signify a new feature that isn't fully ready to the public - usually just released to a small set of users to get a feel for how it works and get feedback to make it ready for general release. The fish names were picked because Beta fish are loners (have to be in a tank by themselves and yes they can live in small quarters but no they should not, give them space), Marlins have pointy noses (i.e. sharp, cutting-edge), and Goldfish are known for their short memory span. 

A: Would you like to join the Beta team?
B: I do like cutting-edge stuff.
A: Oh, that'd be the Marlin team. Beta is our solo projects. Goldfish is short-term projects. 

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