Thursday, April 29, 2021



Amillennials might not like this?

Oh those youths. This is in honor of those doing their senior project, I feel like they could be the next generation but I honestly don't know where those breaks are. According to Wikipedia, yeah the generation following mine would include current college seniors (and high school ones too). Good luck anyways on your senior projects! I'm a Millennial (not to be confused with amillennial), which apparently has two 'n's in it. Who knew, not me. I should remake this comic. Ok, it's good now. I feel every generation thinks the following one is the Degeneration. Talking about the next generation has me thinking about Star Trek. Post-Millennials is referencing a belief about the end times timeline - there are many strong opinions on when the Millennium will happen and I'm still surprised that there's two 'n's in there. 

M: What do you call the generation after us? Are they Post-Millennials?
L: Degeneration.

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