Sunday, April 25, 2021

Ode to Rogganart


So good, you just gotta write some prose

If I try, I'm sure I could make a haiku about their amazing pastries, but at this time I've just made a quick little poem. Roggenart is an excellent European-style bakery and bistro that's nearby. We like to go there for breakfast and then go to a park (when the weather is nice) to enjoy our babkas and brioches and danishes or whatever has struck our fancy that morning. Everything there is super tasty and the staff is really nice. They have indoor seating and outdoor covered seating, which is nice on not-so-nice days when the park isn't a great option. To be fair, I also like American donuts, specifically the fresh kind from local small shops like the Donut Shack or down at the beach Duck Donuts or Sandy Pony, but there is just something super special about freshly baked buttery, fruity, chocolatey pastries. 

Title: Ode to Roggenart
"American donuts are very tasty
But you can't go wrong with a European pastry"

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