Thursday, April 1, 2021

Easter Egg Painting

How do you get the egg out of its shell?

 I thought of this last year and placed it in a place to find it in time for this Easter! I'm quite happy with my organizational skills. Usually I put the holiday ones in a safe place and only find them after the given holiday. That's not the most helpful. The craft is a mash-up of two recipes - clearly the one is deviled eggs but the other is where you take a raw egg, poke the holes, blow it out, then you can use the guts for scrambled eggs or whatever while you have the whole egg shell to paint beautifully. You can't hard boil a shell-less egg - the closest thing I can think of would be poaching, which I've never done. 

L: So we can hard boil the eggs, poke a pin hole in the top and bottom, blow the egg out while saving the shell, then I can paint the shells while you make deviled eggs!
M: Hang on...

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