Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Baby Toe Socks


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It's an effective word picture. There's a reason babies don't get gloves with fingers, they just have mittens. It's hard enough getting loose clothing on a baby - our kid has started the grabby phase so she's grabbing the inside of sleeves as you're trying to slide them on or off and yeah, not the easiest task there. Now I kinda want to see if anyone has made toe socks for babies. Do places even make toe socks for adults anymore? It wasn't a very good idea to start with but they were popular back when I was in high school. Now I want to see. Ah, they are specialty items for preventing toe blisters when exercising. And now Google and Amazon think I want toe socks. I don't - I remember wearing them in high school and thinking, there's something between my toes. All of my toes. It's distracting. 

A: What do you think of my idea?
B: That's as ridiculous as toes socks on a baby. 

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