Thursday, August 12, 2021

Filberts vs Peanuts


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I had a container of mixed nuts that I had used to make peanut butter (technically nut butter since it wasn't just peanuts) but then I made cookies that called for peanut butter so I used my home-made kind and since I was sending the cookies to a friend I wanted to list what all was in them and that's how I found out about filberts and thought up this comic. Also, making your own peanut butter is super easy - dump the nuts in a food processor and blend beyond what you think is necessary. That's all - no extra ingredients (can add salt if desired) and if you get a nice jar of nuts (i.e. a screw on lid) then you can use that jar to hold the nut butter. And you can use whatever nuts you want! 

M: This mix has peanuts, walnuts, filberts, -
L: Isn't that a comic strip?
M: Filberts, not Dilbert.
L: I was referring to Peanuts :)

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