Sunday, August 15, 2021

Raised in a Barn


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Way back in the day, my dad renovated a barn into a house and that's where I was raised. We always closed our doors and my mom tried really hard to teach us our manners (we were not a very receptive audience). This saying doesn't make sense to me but I've heard variants of it all my life so I'm finally going to look it up. Oh, it means you have the manners of a barnyard animal. I guess that kinda makes sense - the animals didn't close the doors or use their manners. 

This is the start of a few comics that I thought up on our recent family vacation - this comic was inspired by little nephews and nieces leaving the back doors open. 

M: Why are all of these doors open?
E: Because we raised our kids in a barn.
L: That's an untrue stereotype.

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