Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Namaste in Your Lane

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I don't do yoga so I actually wrote this comic with "Lamaste" instead of "Namaste" and thankfully caught it before scheduling. This comic came about because I saw a statue in some eclectic store (possibly TJ Maxx) of a dog in the position above and the phrase just appeared in my head and struck me as funny. "Namaste" is a phrase people use as a greeting in yoga (it's Hindu in origin). This comic is also funny because there's a position in yoga called 'downward facing dog' so saying a dog can't do yoga when there's a position named after dogs is humorous to me. I'd also like to add, it's a little difficult to draw a dog in that cross-legged position because it's very unnatural and also I draw stick figures (tried with a stick figure dog and it was too vague). 

P: I don't think dogs should do yoga.
D: Namaste in your lane, bro. 

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