Sunday, July 17, 2022

Folgers Tea

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This was sparked by a pastor talking about coffee. I just feel like Folgers tea would be rather low quality, like the kind of tea bag stocked in a bland hotel room. As far as a quick search can tell, Folgers does not sell tea BUT they do make single-serve coffee bags so it's like a tea bag but it's coffee. My memories of Folgers would be seeing the tub on the kitchen counter in my Baptist church's basement. I don't drink coffee so I just have the memory of the big red tub. I have been asked to make coffee approximately once and it was at my church and I got someone else to do it because quite frankly I haven't a clue how to make one of those big urns of coffee. I might be able to figure out a regular coffee maker (given enough time) but I know people who are rather particular about the strength of their coffee and/or have complicated coffee makers that grind the beans as well as make the coffee so who knows. Also you probably want someone who actually drinks coffee to make the coffee. That's enough talk about coffee - let's focus on tea next (that's a hint for the next few days of comics).  

J: You can drink Folgers, if that's your cup of tea.
L: They make tea now?!

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