Sunday, July 31, 2022

Problem Solving vs Elimination

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Happy almost Anniversary to us! Our marriage is gonna be a teenager. Weird.
This comic came about on a road trip where I was sitting in the back to help Lucy keep calm, and my Jeep has a speaker right between where I was in the back and where Mark was in the driver seat. There are (at least) two mindsets when it comes to problems - solve the issue or eliminate the issue. Solving the issue of the radio overpowering our conversation would be to simply turn down the radio or change our seating. Elimination the issue would involve probably rewiring my car's sound system. One is much simpler than the other, but simpler isn't always better. 

M: We could have this awesome setup -
L: OR we could just turn down the radio.
M: I want to eliminate the problem, not solve it!

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