Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Tea Spinosaurus

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So I have this tea-rex shirt and I wanted to draw some dinosaurs but I was wondering what situation to put them in and then this comic came into being. The little green dinosaur was going to be a Pachycephalosaurus but I was struggling to draw him so I went with a baby Brontosaurus

Explanation: the Stegosaurus sees the Spinosaurus drinking a hot beverage and wants to call her a Tea-Rex because she is vaguely Tyrannosaurus-shaped and drinking tea, therefore the tea-rex/t-rex pun. The Spinosaurus wants to have none of that, but the Brontosaurus finishes the joke. 

Stego: Haha, you're a -
Spino: SPINOSAURUS drinking by tea - there is no joke here.
Bronto: Tea-Rex! Haha. 

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