Thursday, August 25, 2022

Sno-Ball Flavor

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Whoa, this might be my first time drawing my stick figures facing away from the viewers! I think it works. So where I am, there's a summer treat called a sno-ball, and it's very similar to a snow cone which is what was served where I grew up. Apparently the texture is different but both are ice with flavored syrup, no dairy. I recently tried one with a fruit flavor (maybe peach?) and marshmallow topping and it was rather good. Oh, and the song referenced is Escape but it's know as "The PiƱa Colada Song." And my sister-in-law, who tried the referenced flavor, ended up not liking it but it was ok because the stand accidentally gave us an extra ice cream sundae (they do both sno-balls and soft serve) so that worked out for her. 

S: What flavor sno-ball should I get?
L: Well, we did just get caught in the rain.
S: And that song was on the radio!

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