Thursday, August 4, 2022

Fried Iced Tea

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I don't recall what restaurant we were at but it was a recently opened one near us which had delicious Asian food and I don't recall which type specifically but there was rice so our daughter was happy. She really likes rice and noodles. And potatoes, and pasta, and bread, really all carbs. She's a fan. We work to sneak in vegetables. But the iced tea - I feel like fried iced tea is something you would find at a county fair and I would be super curious to try it. Usually the fried food we have once a year is deep fried Oreos and I know they are the epitome of like, obesity, but we split an order of them (5) once a year so I think we're in the clear. Oh man, this year Lucy will want to try them. Less for us :( or do we order more?? Probably not, we will just get 2 each instead of 2.5 since she will get 1. Yay August means Fall is coming and that means county fairs and Renaissance Festival and corn maizes and all things excellent. 

L: They have Thai Iced Tea here.
M: Fried iced tea?!?
L: ... Yes.

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