Tuesday, August 15, 2023


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Word dissection can be fun - if a word seems to have a prefix, what are the other forms that can be made of the word? The only definition I'm finding for "pert" is "small or attractive" and that's unfortunate if you're an expert then. 

Explanation: "Ex" is often a prefix, like an "ex-girlfriend" or "ex-marine" and denotes a former role a person had. However, English is made up of many words from many languages and in this case, the word comes from the Latin expertus, But then again, "ex" meaning "former" is from both Greek and Latin meaning "out/out of" like "exodus" so maybe there is a mysterious pert that we need to define!

A: I'm not expert -
B: So you're currently a pert?
A: ...
B: When do you think you'll resign? Or get kicked out?

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