Thursday, August 17, 2023

Cashew or Not

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WHAT it's my 11/12 birthday? Just putting that out there.
I thought this up when I was putting mixed nuts into the food processor to make "peanut butter" but since it's mixed nuts that's not quite the right name but it sounds better that way. I like making my own because it's surprising what all is in commercially available peanut butter when it really should just be peanuts and maybe salt. 

Explanation: So "catch you" and "cashew" sound similar, and that's the word play here. Because the first speaker is a peanut, not a cashew, and wants to catch the second speaker, who claims to be faster and therefore uncatchable. 

Peanut: Imma cashew!
Almond: No, you're a peanut and I'm faster.

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