Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Baby Teeth Rate

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This is like the "you did the math wrong but got the right answer" situation. People have 32 teeth and I looked up when an average kid gets all their teeth, and it is when they're about 88 weeks old. Also there's 88 keys on a piano. Surely that's relevant.

Explanation: Getting one tooth a week does NOT mean you'll have them all in 88 weeks - you would have them all at 32 weeks if that were the case but it's NOT and it turns out 88 weeks is about 22 month and if you get your two-year molars in a little early then yep. 

L: He got his first tooth last week and another popped up this week! At this rate, he'll have all his teeth in 88 weeks.
A: No. But, sort of, yes?

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