Thursday, November 16, 2023

Every Sequel Movie

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Many movies fit this comic, but I needed a specific one where the main character was clear from a stick figure drawing so...

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I haven't seen the latest Indiana Jones movie so I don't have a specific issue with it, but I believe the reviews agree with me here. I know why studios make the sequels, I mean why leave money on the table, but often it sours the whole series and you should just call it while people are asking for more rather than going until people are asking you for less. 

Explanation: Movies often wrap up their storylines in a nice way by the end of the movie, so when a sequel comes along it's like "forget that happy ending, we're using these characters more!"

Title: Every Sequel Movie
A: We need you to come back!
I: No, I'm retired.
A: But you were the best!
I: I know, it's called quitting while you're ahead.

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