Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Denying Culpability

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I forget what exactly inspired this comic, but it totally happened (I provided the voice for little Oriole since he's not at the talking stage yet). And now I am imagining my toddler trying to repeat "deny all culpability" - Robin's in the highly repetitive phase so anything she hears could be parroted by her. Apparently too many people have told her "good girl" when she does something, so now she tells us "good girl" when we do something for her (i.e. I help her get into a chair - "good girl!", her dad holds a door open for her - "good girl!").

Explanation: Little kids using big words is hilarious.

M: Why did you do that?!
O: I deny all culpability.
M: If you know that word, you can't deny it.

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