Thursday, January 11, 2024

CT Rest Stop

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I really like the mouseover in this one. Check it out. 

We traveled to CT over Christmas and we did see a rest stop with just a DD listed and we did not stop there. We prefer a selection of foods when we stop, but then again we have little kiddos so sometimes you just have to take the exit. I do like that the rest stops on the NJ Turnpike are getting renovated - the new ones are quite nice. One had the best changing table station I have ever seen in a public restroom, which might not be saying much but a nice countertop with a ledge and a garbage bin not near the door / high traffic area - it was just right. Sadly I don't recall the name of the stop, but maybe that's a new blueprint more places will use. Way better than the flimsy fold-down koala care ones. But sometimes you're just grateful to have a place to change the baby. 

M: This rest stop only has a Dunkin? 
L: Welcome to CT! 
R and O: *along for the ride*

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