Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Late Lunch

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So one of my migraine triggers is if I don't eat at regularly scheduled times - namely I need my three meals each in their own two-hour window of morning, noon, and evening. I discovered this trigger when studying why I was regularly getting migraines on the weekends - once I fixed my sleeping in to a point where my breakfast was within two hours of when I normally eat it on weekdays, the migraines stopped being triggered. It was enlightening. Due to this limitation, if I go to a brunch I usually eat a light breakfast beforehand. If I go to a fancy afternoon meal that's basically a lunner? dinch? there isn't a word for this that I know of - I thought repass was generic but a quick check shows that's just after a funeral. Let's not make it a thing and instead we can eat lunch around noon and dinner around 6. In between those times is snack time. 

Explanation: I can't wait until 2pm for my midday meal - I need it between 11am and 1pm - so usually on holidays I just get some granola or PB or trail mix to hold me over until the big meal. Also, I don't care how big the lunch was, I still need dinner between 5pm and 7pm. When is breakfast you ask? Between 7am and 9am. If it slides early, I'll need a 10am snack. Sometimes I need a 10am snack anyway. 3pm snacks are good too. 

M: What do we need to grab before going over to the 2pm meal?
L: Lunch. 

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