Thursday, January 10, 2019


Sometimes you want to expand your options but maybe check that you can? I remember way back in the day we were at a fair and they had that little pool of goldfish and you paid like a quarter for one scoop to try and get a fish and my little brother caught SIX on his first scoop. We set up a little aquarium for them but they started disappearing and we didn't know where they were going but we noticed the dog had taken to patiently waiting by the tank and she just liked to chill there. Then we realized the fish were jumping out of the tank if we forgot to close the lid after feeding them and our dog was just enjoying the little snacks. :( We then remembered to close the lid every time and two of the fish lasted like two years which is crazy for a cheap little goldfish.

G1: I think that we should see other people.
G2: How?

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