Tuesday, April 14, 2020


This is a reference to Sharknado, the movie about a tornado (I think several tornadoes?) of sharks wrecking havoc. A tornado of bunnies would be much cuter and softer but when something hits you at 74mph, the softness of the object probably doesn't account for much.
The girl to the left is holding a bunny and I realize now that's kinda hard to tell and I should have used grey or filled in the bunnies to make the distinction more clear. Oh well. Maybe in round two (i.e. a sequel comic next spring). Or maybe there will be a sequel each season themed accordingly. I think sharks are summer themed, so that's already taken. Will have to think about an Autumnal one...

Bunnado: The Adorable Sequel Coming Next Spring
Girl: It's so fluffy!
Reporter: Fifteen pounds of fluff coming at over seventy-four miles per hour!

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