Sunday, April 12, 2020


Happy Easter! He is risen indeed. I didn't think up an Easter comic this year. Since I'm safe at home, I'm not near other people to overhear their conversations and make hilarious comics about them, so I have to make due with references from TV shows and also my backlog of comics I haven't gotten around to writing up. But I am safe and healthy so that is good and I am grateful.

You know what they say - I Peter 4:8.
I looked at many Bible versions and none translate sins as law-breaking, but sin is breaking God's law so I think it still counts.
I could make a series on this, using the different fruits of the spirit that also happen to be names of people (Charity, Joy, Peace, Temperance, ...) but now I'm thinking I could just do a kids names comic on that because why are some traits used as names but not others? Kindness, get over here. Gratefulness, stop hitting your brother.

Detective 1: Should have known Charity was their cleanup woman.
Detective 2: Yeah, she can hid a multitude of law-breaking.

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