Thursday, August 6, 2020

Let us Discus Shot Put

My college had Field Day once a year and it was all the classic Olympic track and field events like long jump and sprints and such. One year I signed up for it because while I'm not the most athletic (I really don't like running so my two P.E. classes were ice skating and broom hockey), I figured shot put and discus should be fine because what are the odds that any current college student would know how to do this? The odds were very high for non-American students apparently. But some Tongans were very friendly and showed me how to throw the surprisingly solid ball and disc and I totally failed but that is expected when trying something for the first time against people who know what they're doing. But it was fun! I would do it again and probably fail just as badly. 
My college did not have all the track and field events; I think there was a very good reason we did not do the hammer throw. That just seems like a bad plan to do with minimal training. 
The pun here is that to talk about something is to discuss it - if you wish to throw a disc in an Olympic event, that's a discus. 

A: What are we doing for fun this weekend?
B: We can discus tonight?
A: I'd prefer shot put. 

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