Thursday, August 13, 2020

Playing the House

When playing against the house, you know who's going to win. But maybe the house is only good at playing poker, and they don't seem to be playing poker (it was too busy to add a tennis net into the frame). Maybe the house has a saying for all games. I was going to say sports, then remembered that poker isn't a sport, but you can play competitively and there are championships so.... maybe the definition of "sport" needs to be revisited. 
When I was a kid, we would play tennis against the barn - bouncing back and forth. I guess the house does always win like that. Unless you break a hole in the barn, but then you still lose when your parents find out. But that never happened so all is well :)
Speaking of houses, we should be closing on the selling of our house and the buying of our new house today, so that's why the house is in the comic today. It has a busy day ahead. But I am scheduling this post a few weeks in advance so I hope nothing slips coming up to this date. I would like to be done with the whole buying and selling a house thing. It's kinda exhausting. I want my stuff unpacked. But I'm very grateful for my amazing husband handling all the things with this. 

A: You don't have a chance again him.
B: *about to serve against the house*

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