Thursday, January 7, 2021



What is published when an NES console dies

I was mentioning that my husband got me an amazing 8-bit Christmas shirt and then my brother-in-law inspired this comic. Happy Birthday to him! The shirt is really comfy and the design is just amazing. The NES is a rather old game system and I think the one from my childhood (actually a little before my childhood) is still running in my grandparents' basement. Many good memories from that system with the stomp pad and the orange duck hunt gun. 

The pun is blending '8-bit' with 'obituary'. I like the aesthetic of 8-bit games and the sound of 8-bit music (check out The Greatest Bits). Also 'console' as a noun is a game system and as a verb means to comfort. 

A: Nooooo - my NES console died!!!
B: Want me to write up an 8-bituary?
A: ...
B: Would that... console you?

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