Sunday, January 31, 2021

Everything Bagels are the Best

Liking everything doesn't mean liking everything

My sister got me the famous EBTB seasoning as part of my Christmas gift, and it is AMAZING because everything bagels are my favorite and now I can have everything toast and everything anything! It seems fairly easy to make on your own if you're not up to swinging by Trader Joe's for it. And people have lists of what it's good on, which is a wide variety of things! 

Disclaimer: This one is based on a conversation and not an actual scenario because my Mark knows me better that this (I do like blueberry bagels but everything ones are my favorite). Chocolate chip bagels served warm are also really good - I got those a lot during my Panera days in college. But I don't think chocolate and everything seasoning is a good mix. 

L: Why did you get me a blueberry bagel? I asked for - 
M: You said you liked everything so I just picked one at random.

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