Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Movie Time


Time for the movie, but not time to pick the movie

Happy February to all! Happy Birthday to those born in this month, like my father-in-law, nephew, a few nieces, cousin, uncle, and the list really does go on - it's a popular month for birthdays!

This was an actual discussion from an evening recently. I believe we settled on a new TV series, possibly this is when we found Forged in Fire which, while Netflix only has one season and it's not the first and they start with a recap two-part champion episode so that was confusing, we have enjoyed watching it. Watching crafty people do their thing is enjoyable, even if one of the blacksmiths took a dig at crocheter. 

M: It's only 8pm - we have time for a movie!
L: But we don't have time to PICK a movie!
M: Yeah...

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