Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Lychee Leeches

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 I don't recall how lychee came up on our family vacation, but it did.  I am not a fan of lychee OR leeches. Lychee tastes too floral for me - I'm not a fan of rose or jasmine teas either (I've only had lychee in a drink). The leeches aversion is just common sense - I don't like any of the blood suckers or slug-like creatures, and combining the two categories is a hard pass. My sister-in-law knew a doctor that had medicinal leeches, so there are still those who use them but I think that's gross. I guess it's good that they found a use for them? Bleh.

M: I love lychee!
E: Leeches?
S: So slimy either way. 

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