Sunday, August 8, 2021

Trunk Control


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My kid does have excellent trunk control for her age, but now I'm wondering why your torso and solid luggage share the name 'trunk' but then it hit me that they also share the name 'chest' and I'm wondering if I'm on to something here... And once you bring in an elephant's nose, it just gets confusing. Is it their nose? What exactly is an elephant's trunk? They use it to pick up things, so that's not what noses do, and I think they suck up water with it but do they spray it into their mouth or just ingest it through their trunk? Now I have to find answers. Ok, per Wikipedia it's a proboscis which is a type of nose in vertebrate (backbone) animals and it is used to bring food and water to the mouth, breath, and pick up things. And all that to say, 'trunk control' is a term used on babies to describe how well they can hold themselves up and move their torso. 

S: Your daughter has great trunk control!
L: ... She is not an elephant. 

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