Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Olive Loaf


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Happy early Birthday to my Mom! I'm pretty sure I had olive loaf (the lunch meat kind) when I was a kid which would mean she bought it for us and I don't have negative memories of eating it but now looking at pictures of olive loaf I'm getting kinda grossed out. Who would have thought to inject cold cut lunch meat with olives? Also I'm looking at the olive loaf bread, which is just perfectly fine bread with huge olive warts coming out of it, and I'm wondering why that was done as well. Maybe it tastes good. Hopefully. Not sure if they still make olive loaf meats at the deli - maybe I'll look next time I'm at the store. I usually just get ham and some sort of salami, nothing too adventurous like the spicy pineapple ham they were selling last time I was there - I'm not a fan of spicy or pineapple so that was an easy nope. Is a beefcake a type of food? NOPE I was thinking it was a term that could be used for meatloaf but it is in fact just a term for muscular guys. Not sure how it originated but don't really want to research that.

F: Some guys are beefcakes, others are more...
G: Olive loaf?

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