Sunday, January 23, 2022

Farkle Scoring


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To be clear, Farkle is a game that is played with standard 6-sided dice. This means the highest number you can roll is a 6. To be fair, you can score 850 in Farkle by rolling all six of your dice in a scoring way then re-rolling them and scoring a few more points. Or you could roll three 6's (600), two 1's (200), and one 5 (50). But at that point you could keep rolling with a fresh six dice, so why would you stop there? You could also roll three 4's (400), two 1's (200), and one 5 (50) then re-roll all six and get two 1's (200) and the rest is garbage (two 4's, a 6, and a 3). Many legit ways to get to 850. But I like the three 8's and a 5 way :)

Title: Farkle
A: How did you score 850?
B: I rolled three 8's and a 5. 

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