Thursday, January 13, 2022

Library Testing


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When in doubt, go to the library? Our local library has a lot of helpful departments, like the DIY Education Center where you can borrow all sorts of tools for building, baking, crafting, and more! Need a ladder and a putty knife? Borrow them! Want to try crochet but don't want to buy hooks in case it doesn't work out for you? Borrow the hooks and also a How-To book! Want to make a cake that needs a specific pan that you will probably never use again? Borrow the pan! It's amazing. However, I'm certain you cannot borrow a medical test. The library might be a distribution source for the tests so you could check if they are giving them out, but yeah no borrowing. 

A: Where can we find CoVid tests?
B: Try the library.
A: Do you... borrow one?
C: Do they want it returned?

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