Thursday, March 24, 2022

Stow All Carry-Ons

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This is another comic inspired by my trip to my cousin's wedding. Sometimes the flight attendant says things in a different way and it just strikes me differently - the way this one said to stow all carry-ons made it sound like everything on your lap over two pounds had to go, and yeah my little baby is quite a bit over that. I try to focus on what the attendants say, even if I've heard everything before, because that's just polite and you never know if you'll need to know something in the event of an emergency. I have noticed I pay more attention to some safety things ever since I had my child, because she's not gonna figure out any of this stuff on her own yet. Also, this was her third flight and she's less than a year old! She either handles it well, or it's a short enough flight that I don't feel too bad for everyone hearing her screaming (and most people figure it's her ears with the air pressure, not that she's just an ornery child). 

Flight Attendant: Anything over 2 pounds must be stowed for takeoff.
Woman holding baby: Even my BABY?!?!
Husband: *face palm*

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